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Friday, May 15, 2009

3,......2,.....1,.....lift off!!

Yesterday, between sprinkles, deluges, and sunshine teases, we managed to get the bikes loaded and tied down on the rack, the ladder secured, and the kayaks are lashed as well. ..........

So I feel safe in claiming credit for the absolutely gorgeous day today.  "Why?" you ask? Now that all forms of small pleasure transportation have been placed out of range of willingness to pull out, the best weather in a quite a while to enjoy any of them has been presented!!

Instead, we went south to Oroville, WA to stock up on Tillomook medium cheddar (awesome taste) at $15.00 USD for a 5 pound block (2.27 kg) as compared to 0.7 - 0.75 kg (1.54 - 1.65 pounds) of cheese on sale here for $7.99 CAD, and butter at $1.99 USD per pound (as opposed to the $4.50 - $5.00 CAD we pay here).

We then headed to the local apple sales building and got 10 small pears and 8 very large red delicious apples for $2.62 (that was to total bill, not each) - a price not likely to be equalled back in Alberta.

We fixed the hinge on the sewer hose holding port in the rig's bumper, then took it easy for the day.  What is left to do can't really be done until the day before we leave.... which gives us one more casual day, and one that is a bit more harried before departure some time in the later morning of Monday.

It is coming soon, yet it isn't quite real right now.  After 7 months of being stationary, it will be quite a different thing to resume the foot loose and fancy free lifestyle that we have chosen, but not fully taken to exploring.

So I will step out for another deep breath of a lovely warm evening, and bid you,


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