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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pre-conclusion on Spirit

The warranty friendly mechanic went over both presumed repairs and found nothing lacking on either count.  He had Ken and I look it over with him, and we all agreed that everything looks fine.

To be sure,  he cleaned off the area near the torque converter and we will drive it for a week before we bring it for another look-see.   He is a knowledgeable fellow whose shop is well set up behind his home.  It is a very professional outfit called Shade Tree Automotive.  

I have laundry and baking to do today, and it is still overcast, but the rain is holding off for now.  

That brings a quick recommendation to mind.  Lately there has been a line of silicon bakeware that has come on the market.  I saw it and thought it might be a good solution to storage versus functionality in the RV world.  I was a bit hesitant though because of the flame based cooking.  It has been my experience though, that in my oven, it works wonderfully, it doesn't require the old "grease the pan, flour the pan" process, it cleans easily, and then stores as folded down as you need it to be.  There is a 5 piece set (sale ends today unfortunately) at Canadian Tire for 70% off.  If you bake, you might look at it.

With that, I bid you


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