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Friday, May 22, 2009

Landed in Three Hills

21 May 2009

We didn’t check the timing, but we casually pulled out of Bow Valley Park Campground around 11, and pulled in to Three Hills around 3.  We were originally going to stay 2 nights in the Kananaskis area, but due to the coolness and the lack of water and sewer, we decided to push on.  At least in Three Hills, even if the water wasn’t on yet (which it was) we would still have sewer, and 30 amp power.  Also, where we left, it was $20 for the night plus $6 for power at 15 amps, and $6 for water, had there been any.  Here it is $25 for power, water, sewer, and we are teetering on the brink of WiFi (again, Murphy hangs around, so it should be up and running in 4 days – in time for our departure).

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, the rain is holding off, and the temperature seems to be holding around 12oC.  We are going to leave at the same time we were planning, so now we are here for 4 days.

One thing that is a worthwhile stop in this area if you like zoos, is called the Guzoo.  It is a unique place that has exotic wild cats, lions, descented skunks, camels, buffalo.  When we went there a couple years ago, there were lion cubs that one could actually go in and interact with under supervision of the curator / keeper.  We will likely skip it on this run, but I will attach some of the shots from that trip. On a post shortly. (I have to pull them from my external hard drive which is not where my wifi connection is.)

Mostly we are here to visit family.

Anyway, I shall check out for now, so I will bid you,


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