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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Revelstoke at a glance

We spent the morning catching up on email and weather patterns and laundry.  Just past the stroke of noon, we set out to do a bit of exploration.

As foretold by the weather, we spent a lot of time dodging raindrops.  However, we did find the museum.  The rate wasn't bad $7 for both of us, so we wandered through.  

Having been assistant curator to a small town museum one year, I have a different vantage point from which to view such establishments.  

(The one in Cereal Alberta where I worked, doesn't even have power, has an outside tap for running water, and I managed to coax the rodeo committee to lend us a johnny-on-the-spot so that we had facilities if they were needed.  Even as such, it had a lot to offer in its small repertoire of exhibitibles)... but I digress.....

The Revelstoke Museum is a 2 level establishment and has a lot of period relevant artifacts that relate to daily living, forestry, mining, the flooding out of towns due to the building of the dam, as well as the progressions of the equipment used to explore the surrounding mountains.  The above link is my collection of shots from this stay, but I will also put a couple neat shots to instill some colour to this post :-)


See the link to the pictures for labels, but briefly, these upper 2 are a riverboat, and the old switchboards used in the area.


The colourful building is exemplary of the types of buildings found in the area.  We spent some time weaving the streets a bit, as the classic look of the small mountain town was pleasurable.

Sadly, the shot above is my attempt at seeing the dam.  In standard form for BC and Alberta, at least, perhaps other areas too, you have a 4 way intersection.  Highway 1 crosses a major road whose southern option takes you down Highway 23.  The road signs state that to get to tours of the dam, you take Highway 23 North, and said sign is at a reasonable distance from the intersection.  We therefore foolishly assumed to turn left - North and followed it up to the dam, and sure enough, about 2 or 3 kms in, we did indeed find the Dam, and even an entrance gate that says that all visitors must report to the gate ..... which we did ..... only to be turned away as this is a no entry, employees only kind of facility. (???!!?)

He did relatively politely inform us that although the south side of the intersection was indeed the route for Highway 23 South, the road for Highway 23 North was actually on the other side of the bridge.  Disgruntled, and highly moistened (rain, you will recall...), we took a few shots from the roadside (see link above to Museum shots) heading back to the intersection, and called it a bust.

The rain is continuing with only slight breaks.  Still, the view is beautiful, and I am thoroughly enjoying the change in the other side of the windows.

With that, I bid you,


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