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Monday, May 18, 2009

Touch Down!!

The Roving Acres set off today.  We left late this morning, at approximately 11, and got here around 4, so we did well.  We popped out to Denny's for a quick bite, and are now hankering down to enjoy a 2 day stay.

As for the journey, it was rather uneventful.  The 2 trucks did their jobs well.  Spirit was incredibly stable, especially in the corners.  His only remaining drawback is that he only has a 3 speed automatic, and so the hills had more shifting than preferable.  At the worst of it, we were lugging at 60 km/h, but considering the weight he was being asked to pull, I think the job was done admirably!!  Mack had no problems whatever with the trailer, but we will be working on fine tuning the weight distribution.  Ken feels that it might be a bit tongue heavy.

Stationary people often decide they need a change, and so do things like renovate, paint, new wall paper....  The neat thing about this life, is that we simply change the view. :-)  We now have trees, lawn, snowy mountains, and a train just visible through the tree line.

This is our view from the kitchen (changing as we now have a travel trailer moving in, but there is plenty of space between.)  The weather is closing in, so hopefully the new neighbour sets up quickly.

Glory - blurry with excitement, to be sure :-)  taking in the new view.

Front right view 

Front left view

So we stay for two nights, and then we are on to Exshaw - Canmore area for another two.  I might get connection in Three Hills, but it is doubtful at the mid point as it is a campground as opposed to an RV site.

So tomorrow, we hope to do a little exploring, but the forecast isn't at its best.  Still, Canmore, which is only about 15 minutes down the road from our next stop just highlighted on the weather network with its flurries, so a bit of rain is not too bad a scenario.  

Perhaps we can take in the Revelstoke Dam tomorrow....

But for now, I bid you,


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