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Friday, April 24, 2009

Wash and Go..

We have 2 new matters that are on our hopper right now.  The heavier issue is that the new washing dryer is the lemon in the healthy pile.  The repairman who assessed the problem says that in general, they are a good machine, but this one has a serious defect.

Our progression from here is that Splendide has requested I fax the receipt and I included the assessment sheet by the repairman.  In all, it seems that once they confirm the defect, we seem to be inline to have it replaced, as the repair would not be cost effective.  At this time I am content with the progress.

The "and go" portion of the title is, perhaps whimsical, but purposeful for our needs.
I am in the final stages of training Glory to the use of the toilet.  Currently, her litter pan was as small as possible, but with the acquisition of the "cottage", it is much more challenging to find a place for it to be placed.  To me, the simpler solution was to have her use the toilet like the rest of us.  Then all we need is a pet door on the bathroom.  We already have that in the 5th wheel as that is where the litter box had resided.

I have had 3 cats in the past that have gone through the training.  Generally, it take about a month and a half to complete the training, but Glory had a previous round of training.  The non-completion of the training was in part assisted by the fact that she was training in tandem with her sister who now resides in Victoria.  One of them was somewhat adverse to the training, and evidence was lacking for the conviction.

Now Glory is at the point where she is using the toilet without a training pan, but I am still putting the pine pellets in to confirm the location.  In a few days I will just stop using the pellets.  I am holding off for now as I still have been closing her in the bathroom to assure myself that she doesn't seek out an alternate location.  

When she independently does it a couple times, I will consider it a done deal.

(Minor event later today - the bag of pellets is now in the over the toilet cupboard as she visited the powder room unescorted today, and did a #2 on the floor, and helped herself to the pellets in the bag to bury it....) - well, points for ingenuity anyway. LOL

So for now, I will head into my day and bid you,


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