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Monday, December 7, 2009

Continuation of Ken's 58 Mack

Ken is taking advantage of the aforementioned space in the kitchen to do some more work on the 58 Mack. I shall include some update shots for those interested in its progress.

(As mentioned in the previous post, I have discovered that you can view the zooming when I download via Picasa. When you see the Blogger icon at the bottom, you can do this.)

The headache rack and cab are reattached, and the hood assembly is back in place as well. Beside the driver door are the seat, and the gear shifts which will eventually be placed back inside.

The undercarriage back together, but still under further construction.
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This particular tool has been a treasure. As an added bonus, we have priced it in Canada at around $50, but on Black Friday we got it for $14.99. It is articulating, so it is extremely versitile!!

This belt sander is another gem. It is cheaper made, but it will do as Ken has a better one at home. He is sanding off the pallet look. On the bench beside him is a couple pieces awaiting sanding. The blackening of weathering is being removed to expose the beautiful hardwood below.

Like I say, it is an absolute joy to watch the pallet transform into this beautiful model.

Well, that is about all I have for you for now, so I bid you,

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  1. "but it will do as Ken has a better one at home"

    AT HOME?! Sacrilege! And you call yourselves full-timers?!


    Beautiful job, Ken! Much impressed with the conversion of the sow's ear into the proverbial silk purse!

  2. Wow that is cool, showed the guys in the shop too. What about dust in the rv, much at all, guess one could use a vacuum no problem.

    Like the blowup pics too. I see your trailer is pretty much the same layout as mine too.

  3. Rae:
    Okay, back in the utility trailer. Besides, home is where the plate is issued. :-)

    We mostly just vacuum as we go, or whisk broom in between.

    Ken humbly thanks you for your comments :)