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Friday, December 4, 2009

Sight Seeing in Our Backyard

A couple days ago, Ken and I decided to follow up with a suggestion of a neighbour, and go up to the water tower behind us to see the view.

To gain proper prospective of the outing, I am first putting a picture of the view from the door to the water tower.

As clarification, I mean the white one in the distance, not the red one. I also walked up to the peak beside it on the right and the bump to the left.

We rode the moped as high as we could and walked up the rest of the way.
This shot is from the peak to the right of the tower. The arrow is pointing to the bikes. (Honest) :-)
The red water tower in front of our rig is on the right near where the water is wider.

This shot arrows the rig, and you can still see the bikes just to the right of the date stamp.

The cell did a couple pan shots for me. The overlap point is the high point just right of centre on the upper shot.

For this one the overlap is the extreme left peak point.

This is one of the locals posing with a smile over a very multi-depth shot.
I am standing on the bump to the left of the water tower in the first picture. I love the way I have the burro, the swampy water, hills, the imperial dam, the road to Squaw Lake (which is just off screen to the right) and then several layers of mountains in the background. The more layers of scenery I can include, the happier I am with the shot.

One day I will have to brave the darker lighting and go at sundown as the sunset should be spectacular from there.

One thing I noticed is that the rocks on these mountains are much different than those familiar to me in the northern rockies. These are a much flaker, brittle rock. It is very intriguing to me.

Well, chores are calling me, so I will bid you



  1. Very nice! Almost makes the sand and sun worth it, eh? *wink*

  2. What an amazing spot to spend the winter!

    Has it been very hot?

  3. Gin:
    Yeah, some things are tough to bear. We cope. :-)

    It is a great place to boondock. We like the rest of you are in a cold snap. The low was about 4 C and the high is only going to be about 19. We will suffer through. *sigh*