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Friday, December 11, 2009

Recovery Process of a Friend

I stopped in on my friend who injured herself the other day, and she is doing very well. She did have medical, and in honour of that, it seems the doctors took extra precaution on treating her leg, and x-rayed her.

This seems logical, except that they carried the process to the inclusion of her heart and lungs ..... a natural concern when you trip and cut your leg, somehow........

They also did more logical processes like a tetanus shot, cleaning of the wound, and then they did dissolving stitches on the first layer before using 22 staples on the surface. Then they put her in a stovepipe style splint to prevent the knee bending for the next 2 weeks.

She isn't in pain, and amazingly enough, didn't tear the muscles, bled very little, and in general avoided anything resembling complications. - Blessings seem to prevail.

And now, over to the weather department:

We have been nice and sunny for the last few days, but nights are definitely dipping into the cooler temps. Daytime highs still reach high teens to low twenties C. The wind still bites with a familiar winter edge, but in the sheltered areas, it is definitely t-shirt weather.

We have gone to town a couple times this past week, and are hoping to stay put for a bit.

In just over a week, we will be taking in a bit more of an eagle's view of things - stay tuned.

We are just settling in for a quiet evening, so I will bid you


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