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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Glitches In The Blog & Weather

Apparently, I am experiencing technical difficulties. I am still seeking resolve on the linking feature, but I have also been told that my comments portion may be malfunctioning.

If you are having difficulty, please bear with me, I am posted as looking for answers. Perhaps in the interim, if the comments are failing you, you can try commenting in the guest book. I get notification that messages land in it, and then I go in and they should post within a day.

Meanwhile, back at the Ridge, we experienced our first big gale storm last night. It was accompanied a bit by rain, but primarily the rain from earlier was the main contributor to the lovely speckling of mud over everything including the solar panels.
We have cleaned some of the windows and the solar panels, but aren't going whole hog on the cleaning as we are expecting repeats until around Saturday.

As for the solar, it is working well overall. We are still learning but overall are content.

We had the generator supplement the recharge yesterday as the clouds made the solar nearly useless, and the charge on the batteries was definitely needing topping up.

I am also behind on the honey runs as yesterday was not conducive to outing of any sort, so today is primarily catch up day in a lot of the outer activities.

The expected entertainment for today will likely not occur due to the expected winds of this afternoon.

Anyway, chores beckon, so I bid you


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