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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lighting Solutions For Boondocking

A while ago, a friend and fellow blog writer mentioned something about puck lights in one of her posts.

I read the article, but as the only pucks I had seen were run by button batteries, and were peal and stick, so once place, unremovable and the battery, once dead was unchangeable, I therefore filed the info as not applicable to my situation. (They were probably a first generation puck)

Furthermore, I had no interest in spending any length of time boondocking, as I find the creature comforts too indispensable.....

So here I sit, boondocking in California, and although the solar has improved things, we still run the genny at night because with the sun setting early (yes, even down here, the sun sets by 5:30 in the deepest part of winter), if you are running a TV and a DVD player, by 8:30, the batteries are at the low end of the 12 reading. We are loathed to sit in the dark, but also hesitant to leave a trail of lights.

And then, like the proverbial light bulb going on overhead with the gleaming of a new idea, I remembered her article. Further, I happened to be wandering in the section of Harbor Freight (AKA men's candy store, Yuma style) and saw these beauties:

At 3 for $14.99 USD, I considered it to be a great deal. The batteries (3 AAA) are easy to load, and with the velcro, easily removed. The LEDs are rated for up to 100,000 hours, but I will soon see how long a battery lasts. They swivel and pivot, so the beam can be directed to a much broader range. They are working wonderfully, and popping up all over the rig now.

Well, chores and blue boys beckon, so I will bid you


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