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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birds Versus Wasps

Well, the weather, though cool (mid to high 60's F)is restored to relative norms. The sun is shining, and we actually have a lull in the breezes/winds.

The hummingbirds continue to enjoy the feeder, but are now dealing with intense competition in the form of wasps. They engulf the base of the feeder, and often, the hummers are hesitant to land. I'm sure with their slight size, a sting could likely be fatal.

I have put up a wasp trap, but am still struggling with a means of keeping the wasps off while allowing full access to the birds.

I know that insects breath through pores in their abdomens, (the rear portion of their 3 part bodies)so I tried putting a layer of dish soap on the base of the feeder so that they can't land without clogging their air intake, but once it dries (very quickly here) they are right back at it.

My wasp trap, only having been up 2 days, has nonetheless, trapped at least a couple dozen wasps, though, and yesterday in frustration, I simply attacked them with a fly swatter anytime I saw them landing on the bird feeder.

Apparently, another local bird appreciated my efforts, as at dusk I witnessed a few of them happily grazing on the 20 or 30 odd fatalities at the base of the feeder. I think that they are a Cedar Waxwing. Oh bother. I am finding it very limiting to be out of space for pictures.

Anyway, the day is beginning and I must join it so I bid you,


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