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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am curious why for the last 3 years, everywhere we go we are told, "We never get weather like this."

We have a tornado warning, and terrible winds and rain. Before the storm is over, it is predicted that there may be as much as 4 - 5 inches of rain. I know that it doesn't sound like it is that much, especially for coastal areas of Canada, but as the news cast stated, this area's total annual rainfall is usually 4 inches.

Our Senator's Wash region is currently in a lull, the rain and wind has let up, but is waiting to kick up again shortly. I even witnessed a waterfall form on the Southwest ridge of the Mesa over the reservoir.

Another sight which was a bit sad was seeing humming birds looking like drowned rats making a bid for some calories in the wind and rain. Some were blown quite a bit off course. I actually added some sirup for a boost. I checked the label for contents to be sure it was not a chemical nightmare first, but I wanted the sips to have a punch. They have to consume their body weight in a day to keep themselves charged.

Another challenge to the day was that poor Midnight, whom I took out for his morning constitutional, was so bothered by the intensity of the weather, that he wouldn't tend to business. I finally got him to relent at 3:15, after holding since about 9:30 last night!! He is definitely feeling a whole lot better now.

I have taken some pictures of the day, but as blogger has informed me that I have exceeded my picture capacity right now, I will have to consider how to upload them at another time.

It has also been intriguing to watch the colour shifts on the water in the reservoir. The main colours were mud brown and sea green, but the division line was very distinct between the two, and shifted around all day.

The majority of the news coverage tonight was about all the flash flooding, sandbagging efforts, and tornado, lightening and wind warnings. In general, it has been an intense day.

On that note, I bid you


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