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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Note to self, make sure you have all ingredients and components before you start the process. Failing that you might consider high scale modification. I finally put off procrastinating on outside chores, and got on with my delayed pie brewing.

I confess, I was putting it off on account of I had never done one from scratch before and was dreading the "try not to curdle it" recipes. I braved it today and here is the end result.

Just for the sake of amusement, you can note that I honestly thought I had a pie a plate, I really did. Apparently, I have always used pre-made shells in their own foil plate. I confess to using a pre-made shell for this one too, but it came rolled up, and without pie plate.

The frying pan was a stainless steel, not teflon, so I thought, what the hay. It turned out quite well, too. (... and I will be picking up a couple pie plates the next time I go to town)

Anyway, I will now bid you


Editor's Note: I was asked to include a shot of the cut pie, and I took the shot, but apparently, blogger says I have exceeded my picture posting limit.
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  1. From Rae:
    Good thinking with the cast iron pan! How about showing off a pic of a slice so we can see the lovely yellow middle?

    What, and reveal that it didn't quite set as well as I had hoped? Oh, fine :-)

    It did taste quited good though.

  2. Quick thinking! Mmmm, pie....