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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wandering Thoughts

We have had a really good start to January. There have been some cooler days, and some cloudy days, but cool has not been below the mid to low 50's F and the clouds have contributed to some awesome evening views.

We have done a bit of rearranging of the living room as it has always needed a personalization that we didn't feel comfortable taking on yet.

We finally bit the bullet and evicted the couch. It sat in the passenger side slide. It was very uncomfortable because it reclined too much for its low back, and just wasn't working for us.

By removing it, it has allowed us to move the recliners into the alcove of the slide (we are still looking to trade out my swivel rocking recliner for a more space economic non-rocking recliner, but until then we are making due.

The problem with the old recliners (Ken replaced his with one we had in storage) is that although they are comfortable, as mentioned, they swivel, rock and recline. Because of how the rig was designed, every time you want to draw in the slides, both have to be manipulated into the very back section, swung sideways, and butted up to the valance to keep them clear of the two slides. Although they aren't too heavy, if you go to lift them, the rocker prevents easy lift, and in general, bull strength and will finally succeed completing the relocation.

They you reverse the process to set up again. UG!

With the chairs in the couch's alcove, we now have an awesome view out the rear window where we have attached the humming bird feeder. Since the window is privacy glass, they don't see us as easily as they would with normal glass, and this affords us the opportunity for nice pictures, and views. (I even get to see the sassy little blighters sticking their tongues out) :-)

Life is good! Well, for now I bid you,



  1. Aww, that couch reclined and everything...

  2. yeah, but now I have a place for Ken to work on his models that isn't in the kitchen. I just have to place the floor cover over the carpet to reduce the sawdust in it.