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Saturday, January 2, 2010


There are many things that are commonplace for the local people, but a wonder to behold for the transient folk that wander various parts of the world. Yuma and similar areas are no different.

One of the things with which the locals like to impress the visitors are the sizes of some of the local produce that doesn't make it to market by the assorted importing companies. An example of said produce that is easily found here, are the ever so common lemon.

Everyone with even the slightest awareness of said fruit will picture a yellow item with skin similar in texture to an orange, and nearly round, except for the stem and opposite end, which jut out slightly from the otherwise circular fruit. Rather common and unnoteworthy, except in noting that it make a great summer drink, topper to assorted fish, awesome tangy pie, a finger degreaser for such delights as barbecued spare ribs, and perhaps a mild flavour supplement to any plainer drink, leaded, or unleaded.

Therefore, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the ones that miss the market, but are equally capable of attaining the same culinary and supplementary affect, but with far less quantity, shall we say:


(No, really, it is not a squash)

With a bit of processing, I converted a single lemon into nearly 2 cups of pulpy lemon juice. Further, after cutting out the 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick white portion - rind, I think EDITOR'S NOTE: White is the Pith - Thanks Rae :-)
(which resides between the zest and the juice sacks) The pile in cling wrap on the left represents the skin ripe for the zesting.

With the additional process of finely grating the skin, a substantial amount of zest for such creations as lemon meringue pie is attained - the juice is still 2 cups with pulp.

And after a large amount of manual mashing through a strainer, voila. 1-1/2 cups of juice, and about a half cup of zest, all from one lemon.

Now what do you think of your common, store friendly little fruit? If I am really brave, and otherwise unoccupied, I might just brave the creation of said lemon Meringue pie.

If I should dare, I will be sure to share the end result with you, in visage, if not by taste.

But for now, I bid you,


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