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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chores With Company

We stayed home today and pottered around. Among the things I got done was the perpetual build of laundry. It wasn't bad, but at the same time, a 5 - 8 pound load doesn't go far. (8 pounds because I line dry out here).

So the drying is very effective due to temperatures in the low to mid 70's F with slight breezes.

Taking the laundry down is always a minor by time consuming task that was made much more pleasant today because a companion joined me. We chatted back and forth, and he sat and observed and supervised the folding process.

He got a bit fluffed for a brief spell, but then resumed his advise in a great mood. I think he was one of my more frequent visiting hummingbirds. He landed on a tree about 2 feet away from the laundry umbrella. He fluffed, scratched, chirped, caulked his head, glanced around, took a quick trip to the feeder, and returned to tell me how his meal went. (I know it wasn't a complaint because the feeder was full.) :-)

When I finished, he followed me back for one more quick sip before going off on his own.

It sure made the task much more enjoyable.

Well, the next task has presented itself, and I must prepare the evening meal, so I bid you,


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