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Friday, January 15, 2010

More Burros

Today was another putter about town day. We ran into both our neighbours while milling about. You know you are localized to a town when you recognize people while shopping.

We then visited with family in town, and had a nice leisurely afternoon.

When we got home, we brought in the day's purchases, and looked down the ridge to see the biggest herd of burros yet. There were a total of 15 just casually sauntering down the way, including 2 very young ones. One we see often, but the other is new to me, and only about a couple months old.

Isn't he cute, still baby fluffy.

A lot of the burros are relatively gentle, but it is recommended by the park staff that you admire them from a distance. They are still wild animals, even though they are familiar with people. They can kick, bite, and in general go from gentle to wild bronco in a blink.

One should always treat wild and feral animals with due respect. They are always capable of unpredictable behavior. It is a matter of safety.

In other matters, we have been dealing with some setbacks that are worth noting, and are relatively easy to avoid in future.

We have dealt with wind in many places, but here in the desert, it is unique in that the wind is often accompanied by very fine dust. It has succeeded in temporarily stopping our generator and a compressor, and we will be very frequently blowing out our truck's air filter. We will cure the problem with very detailed cleaning of the mechanisms. In the meantime, the advise has been given by my father that any mechanical devices should be draped in plastic when not in use as the dust gets deeply into machines, even when they aren't running. One minute they are working, and the next, stopped dead.

There are other progressions afoot right now, but I will get to those in a future post. In the meantime, I bid you


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