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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back From Victoria

I returned from Victoria on Oct 6 in preparation for the pending drop in temperature. The town of Three Hills shut the water off in the RV park on Oct 5 because the fellow who does the line clearing was going in for back surgery, so they shut it early.

Because of this, the local hardies filled their fresh water holding tanks, and battened down the hatches.

My flight arrived at just before 4 pm and we headed home. The winds were already kicking up a ruckus, and the temperature dropped.

The next morning we set to getting the kayaks off the camper roof and temporarily set them under the rig. Ken has since put a hole in each of the suction cups of the roof racks. The cups aren't needed for holding, only providing a gentle surface to rest the kayaks on when on the rubber roof. When I took them off to put them on the camper, they pulled the rubber up a bit. Not enough to damage, but enough to tell me that they need an air release.

When the weather breaks (presumably Sunday) we will move them up to the 5th roof. The camper is going to Bellevue for the winter, the utility trailer will go to a local shop where it will be safe, and with any luck, the blue truck will be gone. If that comes to be, I will let you know how and what. Failing that, the blue one will stay with Ken's daughter to ensure that it is run now and then.

By Wednesday we are hoping to head south, then we will get a couple of tweaks done on the white truck, and haul on out of here!!

When we pull out of here, we will be dependent on hotspots until we get to Mojave Valley, so my check ins may not be too regular.

On that note, I will bid you


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