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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mid Point Report

I have been in Victoria since Wednesday morning. Ken, Midnight and I got up at zero dark hundred hours (4:55 am for more precision minded people). Midnight assumed that we were just on washroom stops and ignored the activity in his sleep space.

He was very shocked (and somewhat blurry eyed) when I called him for fence watering detail, and then immediately headed back to bed like all decent members of the household should do ..... His humans were not being compliant with the code of decency, and started donning outerwear.

He did get in the truck, and promptly curled up and passed out (there is just no understanding the foolish behaviors of these humans!!)

My flight took off on time (8:00 am mountain time) and on target, and by 8:15 (pacific time) I was walking down the arrivals gangplank calling Ken to assure him of my safe arrival. He himself had just walked in the door. His adventure was much greater than mine as the construction crews of the northeastern end of Calgary did their level best to confuse Ken's poor GPS, and he wound up detouring out past Bisiker Ab, on Highway 9. (Fortunately, once there, it was on the route we came in - though it was completely dark at that time).

The next day I attended the funeral of Mom Olson. It was a beautifully done service, and I feel she was well honoured. (Still not grasping that she really is gone. It just doesn't seem real).

It was a quite evening at home with Mom and Aunty. We had to go 2-1/2 hours north on Friday, and I then doubled back with a spare vehicle to allow for Dad and I to commute and get about independently.

On the way back I picked up my boys and we came home to my parents place. We had a game night with my Dad, and then called it a night.

Tomorrow, the boys and I are heading north again to attend my Uncle's informal memorial gathering. Then, we three plus Mom will head back so the boys can get home in time for getting ready for school in the morning.

I am still hoping to go to my old workplace to check in with former coworkers, have a visit with my wonderful friends who picked me up at the airport, go to see Dad Olson and visit with his daughter, my dear friend who shared her parents with me, and see if I can squeeze in any other visits before I fly Wednesday evening.

In the meantime, apparently my poor puppy is moping about forlorn and wondering where Mommy is. He is still eating and drinking and following Daddy about, but he has lost his bounce. We tried putting the cell on speaker to see if he would recognize my voice, but to no avail. He just sits in my chair sadly. Just 4 more days, and Ken is bringing him to the airport when he picks me up.

Nothing reminds you how close you are to people and critters like a time away. Glory too has gone into hiding, only materializing to eat, and drink (and undo same). Ken is keeping busy, but is looking forward to Wednesday too. I am thrilled to see the boys who are doing very well, really happy to see the home turf crew and sundry, am still numb over the missing souls that spawned this trip, but I am also missing my home crew.

The part that I am not missing though is the weather that has descended upon my poor group back in Three Hills. Snow is threatening to fall, and the temperatures are definitely bypassing appropriate autumn norms. This is aggravated by the fact that just before the chill set in, we were "suffering" from unseasonable warms, reaching the high 20's and even 30 C (up to 86 range in F).

With any luck, I will attach a decent round of pleasant Autumn weather to my suitcase and bring it home with me.

We still aren't certain if we are indeed going to Arizona, but are dearly hoping to. If not, Osoyoos or Duncan might find us landing. Time will tell.

Anyway, it is late, so I will bid you,


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