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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oatman AZ

We are moving on down to Yuma tomorrow, but we wanted to take in at least one sight locally before we move on.

We were told about Oatman, just up the far side of the road we were on, which merges with the famous historical highway, Route 66.

So off we went, and it was a really neat town that has obviously switched its focus on being a living ghost town. Apparently, it used to be a gold mining town, and it has a very Barkerville-ish flavour to it. It is basically 2 blocks, flanking Route 66 that have a variety of shops, general stores, restaurants, and the lure to the town, free ranging burros. I'm not sure if they are wild, but they are socialized. We wandered into one nick-nack shop and discovered a 4 month old colt burro grazing at the check-out. He bore a sticker on his forehead warning patrons not to feed him carrots as he is too young to chew them properly, and is at risk of choking on them.

Before we left, there was a shoot-out skit performed by locals, as well as a "hitchin' " of a visitor couple.

It was an interesting place to stop, and with all old towns of this persuasion, there are tons of options for souvenirs, including the sepia toned western shots that are so popular in western atmosphered locals.

(The down and uploading is still slow, hence the link. As an aside, the bird at the start of the album set is a fellow by the name of River the Road Runner, who frequents the park, and is relatively tame, enough to beg for scraps. So as for this RV park, I guess you could say, " A River Runs Through It") If you missed it, it is a play on a movie title.... but I digress...

Anyway, it is getting late, and we are striking out tomorrow, so I will bid you,


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