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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sand Storm and Other Details

I finally have an unlimited use of internet and so have a lot of shots that have really wanted to come your way.

I have missed telling a minor, but rather new to us experience - Just after we left Vegas and were headed south just past the turn off for those no longer welcome on the Hoover Dam.

In the distance, we saw what looked like a dust trail raised by a vehicle speeding down a dirt side road, as you can see...

We approached, and discovered something a bit different than it originally appeared to be ....

That was actually a less obscured part of the dust storm, but it only lasted about 1/2 a mile at most. Canada has two versions that are less ground and more humidity. We call them either Pea Soup Fog or White Out Snow Storms. :-)

As for the rest of the missing links, in my assorted travels, I found by the upload of these two that although free, the connection is also slow.

I have therefore decided to do the picture show by links.

The pictures that would have made this a nice and colourful posting are instead showing here. Please let me know if the links fail.

You will notice that I am taking more pictures on a diagonal framing. I am only using a simple Sony Cybershot 5.0. It is actually rather an amazing camera considering it is the modern day version of the instant cameras that were so popular in the film era. It is slowly failing, mostly in the shutter cover opening, but also a bit in being a still shooter or video shooter when the opposite was requested. Be that as it may, I discovered that if I took the diagonal shot, I could then crop it into awesome panoramic shots which I rather like, I must say. :-) But I digress.....

I got a window seat on the return flight from Victoria. The trip was over a lot of cloudscapes, but some of that in itself was rather picturesque. The seat monitor when on the right channel, displayed periodic GPS mappings of the flights, so I sometimes took a shot of the GPS followed by what was out the window at the time, just for kicks.

I have come to really enjoy the look of the mountains in the Bellevue area, and the last time I was there, they had their first blanket of snow for the season. It added a whole new beauty to the summer's pleasurable scenery.

These are the shots of the trip from Alberta to Arizona. It took 4 days to get here, as mentioned in earlier posts, and we are still looming on relocation to Yuma.

Time will tell what adventures lie ahead. The neat thing about our current location is that for example, today, we were in Arizona, California, Arizona, Nevada, Arizona, back to Nevada, and back into Arizona for purposeful outings, and all before noon, with a 9:30 start. Not many places you can cover so much territory in so little time.

Anyway, with so much travel under our belts in a single day, what can I say? I'm tire!

So my dear friends, I will bid you,


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