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Monday, October 12, 2009

Brrrr, I hear the South Calling!!

The temperature around here has been holding around -8 to -12 C which is just depressing for those who don't want to do winters anymore (and truth be told, not too inspiring for those who by choice or necessity are fixed either!!)

In spite of the cold, we did get another round of holding tank water today, have gone through another 30 lbs of propane, and are anticipating at least one more filling of it before we can leave.

We are needing to get the blue truck back from its tweaking, and see if we can get a dealer to take it off our hands, then rush back to get the rig to get the utility trailer landed, and batten down the 5th for a road move to Bellevue again. We plan to leave on Wednesday as we have tires to replace and another tweak for the engine exhaust brake before we depart.

With grace for The Almighty, we are hoping to cross the border on the 16th via the Lethbridge crossing route, and get our buts down to a respectable climate. Internet will be sporadic until we arrive in Mohave Valley, but we will see what the roads and situations bring.

We did get the kayaks on the roof, and removed all that we want to take with us out of the utility trailer and the camper. By the time we finished the tying down process, the wind and chill was stepping it up a notch, and I took a bit to thaw my paws when I got in the 5th.

There are 3 full timers left here, and all are only being held here by unavoidable commitments. We mutually agree that it is high time to hit the road!!

It wouldn't be quite as bad if it weren't for the cut off of the water. That little detail adds a level of discomfort that is high on our list of put to the tail and not look back.

The forecast says that it will warm again by around Thursday, but that date seems to have the Tantalus affect as each day we approach it, it shifts a day out. Originally, yesterday was to be the transition to warmer, but it seems no closer. I remember going through this same postponement when in Oliver last year ...... but I digress

Anyway, the time is drawing closer for the start of the next grand adventure. We shall see how it all unfolds. We are a constant example of how life is what happens while you are busy making plans!!

With that, I will bid you



  1. I don't understand why they cut off the water at the northern RV parks like that. Aren't you still paying customers? Just thinking of it like a rental house or something, the landlord wouldn't have a right to do that. But, I do understand that it is common practice for most parks.

  2. Delly - Thanks:-)

    RV Sales - Unfortunately, they cut off water because they were originally set up as summer seasonal facility, and added off season as an after thought. The result is that they put the water lines in too shallow to avoid freezing. The expense of upgrading is extensive.

    Ironically, this location also increases rent by $5 nightly as they also didn't put in electricity meters and winter occupants usually maximize on its inclusion by using as many electric space heaters as the circuit will take.

    The winter occupants usually are oil and gas patch workers who are avoiding hotel costs