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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making A Break For The Border

Oct 17, 2009

Well, we got a slow start out as we slept poorly until about an hour before dawn. We were up functionally by 10 am, and finished dumping and prep, getting us on the road by 11:30. We stopped briefly in Pincher Creek as we needed some items that aren’t that different in price than what Canada pays, and we wanted to postpone using the US travellers cheques.

We hit Lethbridge by 2pm, and crossed the slow but friendly border at Couttes at 3:12. We stopped briefly at Conrad as the fuel was down to 1/8th (wind and an nearly steady gentle incline ate fuel rather gluttonishly) and then continued down the I 15 to Great Falls, Montana where we bunked at the Flying J. We arrived around 5:50, but took some time fueling, adding some water to the holding tank, and then waited for a double parked tour bus from Alberta to get out of the RV designated spots. (Small vent of steam, and 20 minutes of running the engine waiting for the eminent departure, but I digress)

The spaces were tights, so we weren’t able to put out the slides, but the price was right. The weather again was beautiful, but as mentioned before, fairly windy.

Tomorrow, we anticipate get as far, perhaps, as Idaho Falls / Blackfoot, but time will tell. It is a bit exciting, and completely into the realm of the unknown.

I must prepare dinner in our scrunched in kitchen, so for now, I will bid you,


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