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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Snowed In

(More catch up...)

October 16, 09

We were snowed in on the 14th when we planned to leave Three Hills, but our travelling companions were faring now better in Brooks, so we all hunkered down where we were, and struck out the next day for our appointed destinations.

They went to Taber, then continued on to Milk River. We headed for Bellevue for our truck tweaks – new tires and a modification on the engine exhaust break to allow it to function more reliably.

The roads were clear, the weather was grand (at long last) and we made excellent time. We left at 12:30 as we wanted to ensure the roads were heated, and we had a series of good byes to attend. We arrived by 4:30 and dropped off Spirit at the tire shop so they could start on the tires first thing in the morning.

As always we had a great visit with our Bellevue friend, and then settled in for the evening.

We have, however encountered a significant alteration to the travel plans. Our Milk River rendez-vous was squashed by the ailing health of one of their family members. It went from them sitting on the border chomping at the bit to cross, but waiting for us, to them blazing off to Saskatchewan for an undefined duration.

We now have to go it alone, but we are boldly going forward.

In the meantime, the truck should have both alterations completed by the day’s end, and we are also using Smokey to go to Sparwood, BC to renew the bike’s insurance. (They aren’t switched to AB yet, and so need a BC renewal until we can find the location and currency to pay for the out of province inspections required to make them Albertan.

Hopefully, tomorrow we will be able to head East on Highway 3, South on Highway 4, and then head on across to I 15. My Mother has estimated that it might take us 6 days, so we might up the travel length. We are nonetheless, sticking to the day travel plan. We have our full time home with us, so we have no rush to get anywhere. We will take it easy and see where our travels take us.

It is somewhat exciting to take on the unknown. But with that, the errands call so I will bid you,


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