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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flash Back To Oliver

October 14, 2009

(I've been off line while traveling, and writing offline to keep up . We're back on and catching up)

The adventures of flashbacks are not so worthy of revisiting, but nonetheless, a major portion of today. The primary reminder was that especially in the sub zero climates, one must remember to keep the valves closed on the black/grey. We had diligently been tending the tanks, but the last flush forgot to reseal the valves.

Fortunately, the basement was kept sufficiently warm that no tank was endangered, however, the part of the sewer line that was outside the containment of the rig, and all the cheap blue sewer line was a solid block.

We managed to use a heat gun to free up the connectors, then a parabolic heater to soften the PVC style piping, and finally a couple hours later, we put some RV antifreeze down the black tank, and it finally freed the contents.

Did I mention how eager we are to get down south???

Oh the joys of an early start to winter in Alberta. I was told by many locals that it won’t last, and that nicer weather will return. I am happy for them to be sure, but will still be making a break for the border at next opportunity!!

And now, I bid you,


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