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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alison Lake

We had an absolutely marvelous day today.  We got some laundry done, replaced a vent cap which we noticed to be missing while in Three Hills. Tried out a new baby generator for the camper, re-bungeed the plastic on my kayak, put a security block on the trailer hitch, and then stopped for a late lunch.

We then went over to my girlfriend's house to hang out.  We spontaneously decided to take a drive up to 

Alison Lake just a bit Northwest of Coleman (which is the Western-most town in the Community of Crowsnest Pass.)

We drove quite a way up and in toward the actual Crowsnest Mountain.  A fair chunk of the latter part of the trip was gravel road, and steep downgrade, but groomed well enough.

The trip was well worth it, and we saw a beautiful small lake and I wound up taking about 71 shots.  It is part of a Provincial campsite ($15 per night, nothing included except sporadic hand pump water, and outhouses).  They do have decent pull through sites though - unlike the place we went in Kananaskis.

I will attach some pictures, but to grasp it better, I will also link to my album.

Some highlight shots - including one indicating exactly the previously mentioned camera malfunction - shutter guard partial opening: 


Malfunctioning ..... Then flicked to behave at a later point of the trip.


Also neat on the outing, toward the end of the walk about, we were graced by both a hawk, and an eagle circling around, looking for fish.  (they had good odds as it is a stocked lake)

The hawk eventually caught a fish, but then circled low as if to show off his catch before heading off to his nest to eat it.


And this is a shot from the parking lot of the day camp looking at Crowsnest Mountain.  The boulder line at the edge of the driveway marks where you go down to the lake.

After all that, we went out to a popular restaurant in Frank for wings night.  We only indulged in a small plate of wings, and ordered from the regular menu.  The servings were huge, and the food was awesome.  Rarely do I need a doggy-bag, but this time qualified!!

Anyway, it is getting late again, the evening is cool, but pleasant, and so I will bid you


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