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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The transfer is complete.

We finished making the transfer of the cottage to Mack, then moved the kayaks to the roof of the cottage. I think it looks like a very compact all-in-one unit, wouldn't you say!! The only shot not reflected yet is the final step of attaching the utility trailer to the hitch on the ensemble, and that is due to occur by Thursday if things go well.

One of the minor details I have been pondering is the bed of the cottage. It is the typical over the cab style format, although I am grateful that it is front to back instead of side to side. Nonetheless, it is still a bother to deal with standard sheets as you always have to make the bed while on it.

The solution I came up with is to avoid the problem altogether. Instead, I have done the following: I first got a memory foam topper as I find they really make a difference in mattress comfort. I then put a mattress protector on, then a fitted sheet. After that, for mattress cosmetics (the mattress is always viewable in the "public portion" of the camper when the curtain isn't drawn, but drawing the curtain shrinks the already compact living space.) I put a blanket that I crocheted on top of the fitted sheet and tucked it fully under both ends of the mattress to secure it.

The next step is the part that makes the difference. I took 2 flat sheets and attached snaps to the foot end, and thereby secured them to each other instead of to the mattress. I now have created a sheet version of a double sleeping bag. I might put a few snaps up the side, but the amount required for comfort will be easier to determine as we use the set up. Now sheet changes will be easy.

The reason I used snaps instead of just permanently attaching them together is that the washing machine that I have for the cottage is the manual "wonder washer", and although it can handle both together, the wringer dryer can only take one sheet at a time, so they must be separable.

That is topped by our goose down duvet. Set as such, we should not encounter any unnecessary chilling.

And so the tweaking and tuning of the roving acres continues.

As for the crew adjustments, we are getting closer to defining the role of our new member, Midnight. He seems to have taken on the position of Greeter. When Ken's daughter and family came over, he came to attention, then happily bounded between them and showered them with attention. Now do note, he is a poodle, and he did not launch into a barking fit at the new arrivals. To be sure, this is an unheard of precedent set!! (Did I mention he is ... how would you state in G rated acceptability(?) ... in tact?!) Definitely a trait worth passing on.

On that note, I must be off to run some errands, so I will bid you


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