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Friday, June 5, 2009

Power to The People

Okay, so we have been a bit busy since I tagged in.

First off, I got a few shots of the burnt out power plant:

This shot accents to me how far out the charring reached during the fire

These 2 shots show what little is left of the plant.


We did take Spirit over with his generator, and we ran it for a few hours to get the fridge back up to temperature.  The powers that be decided to just hook into the main grid of Three Hills, and I guess they were able to accomplish that by very late that night.  All was well, no contents were lost, and crisis was over come.

Meanwhile, we decide that we were nonetheless, going to go down to Bellevue, as we still needed to get the cottage and Smokey back to the Roving Acres.

We left Tuesday morning, and took our time on the trip.  We stopped in Nanton AB as Ken and I really like "the old birds" of WWII and they have a really neat museum there with a Lancaster bomber and several other static displays there.

We spent about an hour and a half just wandering through.  Among the displays inside and away from the actual birds was a section about the Great Escape of POWs from German capture. (There was a movie made about it if you haven't heard about it.)  When one thinks about the details, the ingenuity, logistics, and all else that was involved while under strict supervision of enemy soldiers, the mind boggles!!

After that we simply meandered down to Bellevue and stayed 2 days before bringing both trucks home.  There was no longer a need to go to Nelson for the generator, so that trip would be saved for another day.

The scenery along Highway 22, heading towards Highway 3 is very breath taking.  It truly is the foot hill region.  I was able to snap 2 shots on the fly, but it is amazing how you have lush hilly green pastures with mountains wedged between the hills.  If it weren't for cold winters, I would consider it a really good place for permanence. 


These shots are somewhere south of the Chain Lakes half way between the 22 junction with 533 and the 22 junction with the 3. There were better shots, but the camera was never handy at the right time.

Anyway, we are back in Three Hills and holding ground for the next week anyway.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the Show and Shine (a car show that engulfs the community and its roads) but in its honour, the rains that have long been awaited, have arrived with gusto!! (Oh yeah, and did I mention that they are predicting snow as a possibility??!!!)

One more set of shots for you, this is the re-assembled Roving Acres.


I am now heading out into the cottage to plug in a heater so the lines don't freeze.

With that, I will bid you


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