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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Settled for the Week

We are booked in our site in Three Hills until Thursday.  While here, we are going to take it easy, get some tweaking done, and take in a bit of the hulla-ballou as well as have some family time.

I missed when it was most showy, but this is a not bad shot of our view out the passenger side living room window.

The nice thing about a rig with slides like ours is that there is room for a variety of working in it that can be accommodated. For instance, Ken has some important woodworking to be done, but it is raining.  Solution?

Set up the workbench in the kitchen, and have at 'er!!  :-)

This particular project is replacing the outside fridge panel off the cottage.  It decided to leave us somewhere on our journey back from Bellevue, and now resides somewhere south of Strathmore.  We now have an exposed outlet and outer workings of the fridge.  Ken is making a vented panel out of 1/4 inch plywood with hinges and a latch, and a series of 1/4 inch drilled holes for ventilation. (A 1/8 inch pilot hole was done first, and the holes are at a 45 degree angle downward for weather guarding.)  It will be painted white to match the camper.

This Saturday, Three Hills hosts an event known as a Show and Shine (I believe it is actually a car world's version of a rodeo circuit as I know Oyen hosts one too, later in the year)  Car buffs can follow them around all summer, I suppose :-).  Early signs of the day weren't too hopeful, but by 1 pm, it had cleared away the rain and hail to be respectable.  Although I am more inclined to trucks, I took a rounded selection of shots for you to traipse through. 

All can be viewed on the link, but here is a nibble.

It was well presented.  I had to laugh though, there was an old beater beetle there that from the front, I just didn't see why it was showing, but on our way out, I happened to walk behind it, and I saw a bumper sticker on it that just made me giggle.

(You will probably have to click on the picture to view it closely enough to read.  Here's hoping it works on the cops, LOL)

In the evening, they let off fireworks, but we were already hunkered down in bed, having also filled the day with workshop stuff, and I helped out on the farm where Ken's daughter boards her horse.

We were shuffling around the horses, pairing a potential breeding pair, moving 2 moms and foals to a different pasture, (and stopping to deworm the foals before turning them loose), fixing some fences, moving some oat mix, and general barn work.  Ken had a chuckle when I returned.  He took a picture, but it is a bit blurry.  Probably a reflection of my exhaustion :-)

Anyway, we are off to visit the family again this afternoon, so I will bid you,


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