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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am pleased to introduce our newest crew member.  As followers may be aware, we lost our beloved voyage critic # 1 due to age related maladies. 

Apparently, it is not God’s will that we continue with our mismatched crew.

While in Cereal for a week we chanced to cross paths with a family who were also full timing.  They were in a class A with a trio of dogs.  They were content with 2, but the third arrived when her mother had to move into assisted living.

They were doing alright with the arrangement, but when we half in humour implied that he would always be welcome with us, the ball was rolling.  I gave him our card, and we thought that was the end of it.

Yesterday we got a call from an unrecognized Saskatchewan number, and low and behold, there was a little boy who was available for relocation.  Today, we went down to a campground near Drumheller to reacquaint with his family.

Ken is the dog person in the family, but of course, I love all members.  Nonetheless, the intention is for the bond to be with him.  We have decided that difficult though it is, for the first while, I am going to ignore him and just let Ken interact with him.  That way, the bond will be encouraged in the preferred direction.

As for Glory, we settled her into the bedroom and gave it a couple of hours where they knew each other was there, but were completely out of each other’s range.  I then closed the glass slider between the kitchen and the living room, and gave Glory a great cuddle, then let her loose into all but the living room.

They have seen each other, and other than curious sniffing at the door’s threshold for each other’s scent, there has been no kerfuffle.

Later, I will test the final grounds and see how the final connection goes.

So without further adieu, I introduce the latest addition to the crew roster:, Midnight.

He is 5, he is well adjusted to RV life, has great manners and training,and seems to be a great addition to our ensemble.

I must say, it is now 3 hours since Midnight stepped into our home.  Look at this.  Glory has not said a single expletive, only a couple inquiring mews.  


So now I shall head off to feed the 2 legged crew members and will now give you the further...

Adieu :-)


  1. Congrats!

    Is it just me or does Midnight look a heck of a lot like Max?!

  2. He is a ringer for Max with one exception, he is calm serenity. He has now been with us 7 1/2 hours, we gave him a new bed that we bought before we came home, and at 10:30 this evening, after sitting on it on Ken's lap for 15 minutes maximum in the truck riding home, he saw it on the couch and requested that it be laid out properly, circled and lay down to sleep.
    We are absolutely dumbfounded over his intelligence and adaptability. He is still looking for his family to come pick him up, but he is doing so well, and still no hiss, scuffling, or anything!!! :-) Devine guidance is my interpretation.