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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Red Deer Rendez-Vous

As a follow-up to the suspension correction on Spirit, we needed (desperately) to do an alignment, and also noted that the shocks in the front end were definitely due for a replacement as well.  Immediately upon getting him home yesterday, we booked the procedure in Red Deer.

Now, by the form of co-incidence that only full-timers can be truly familiar, on our way home from our previous Red Deer excursion last Friday, we drove by a class A that had a very familiar appearance, and it was north bound on 21 when we were south bound, and nearly "home" (Three Hills being the current filler for this description).

Five minutes later when we were parked and groceries unloaded, I decided to follow my hunch, and called the cell of our former Oliver neighbours (my walking buddy from earlier posts) and inquired if they had per chance, passed Three Hills in the last 10 minutes.  Sure enough, it was them. :-)

.... After we called for the appointment, I called them back and asked if they were able to be in the area today during our appointment. (She had mentioned staying around Silvan Lake and Lacombe for the next little while when I had previously called.)  

So during our 3 1/2 hour adjustment on the truck (3 hours alone on the alignment) we were able to have a joyful reacquaintance with  these dear friends.  We brought Midnight along as he was too new to us to leave alone for that long - 6 hours including commuting).  As they were with us when we lost Max, they definitely did a double take on Midnight!!

In all it was a wonderful day of reunion and repair.  We will be staying one more day to wrap up that which we had hoped to complete when we got home.  Then we are off to Bellevue.

I am still dropping resumes as I go, and who ever answers first, determines our summer parking.  However, with all these finalities on Spirit, it would be very helpful to land something soon.

Faith is a wonderful gift, and I have enough to assure myself that this too, will come at just the right time.

And now, we are going to quietly wind down, and bid you


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