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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Conclusion on teaser for today :-)

I have often said that life is what happens while you are busy making plans, and today was no exception.

Originally, we were going to transfer the cottage to Mack so that we can prepare Smokey for sale.  Then we remembered that our night shifter had only 1 full day and night off, so we went with the plan of the last post..... Then finally concluded in the plan C version of the day.  :-)

While we let our family members get organized, we did manage to transfer the mopeds to the rack which we moved from the back of the 5th wheel to the nose of Mack thanks to the recently attached nose hitch.  It looks great and travels well, but if we do any night moves, we might need to supplement the lighting and signals just in case.

The Arboretum (spelling corrected upon sight of the sign in Trochu) was postponed as we wanted to spend more time at the next stop, the TL Bar Ranch Campground.  The idea with this local is that you can dry camp, trail ride, canoe (or in our case, kayak), hike, or just hang out.

We decided that we might just take the cottage out for a go some time this summer.  The gals of our group are keen on a trail ride.  The guys are more inclined to hang back on the idea, but it sounds like they might be persuaded....

In the meantime, we took some neat shots of the area.  Again, I will link to my photo album, but highlight some of the pictures 'cause I like the look of colour on the pages :-)

For example:


Two of the friendly staff we met


River scenery (you could see minnows and clam shells in the water) and on the left was the training session for this year's trail ride staff.

As for kayaking, it too was postponed until we first scoped out the site, and besides, time was limited, and the transfer is currently more complicated than our schedule allowed.

And as for the aisle my Step-Granddaughter had planned, it was a tragic bust.  This unavoidable disappointment is brought on by the bizarre notion that bowling alleys are no longer needed to be open once the summer season arrives (??!!???)  Okay, yes, it is an alley, not an aisle, but they are close in meaning after all....

So tomorrow we will get the cottage placed, the kayaks moved over to its roof, and then we shall see what else can be added to the itinerary. 

And as I glance at the clock and see how quickly tomorrow approaches, I bid you


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