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Monday, June 22, 2009

And The Rain Came Down.

We did replace the batteries and it seems to have made a difference.

The weather turned to cold rain in the late afternoon yesterday, and it poured down all night and continues at varying rates all today.  We are settled in and cozy in our water only site, and are doing well.  

We also picked up an inverter so that we can use the dc sockets in the fifth wheel for little things like keeping the laptops charged for posting and email.  This was a vast improvement.

One other big improvement in our situation is the trimming of Midnight.  Glory is seen below giving the clipping a critical review.  :-) 


By the way, it was noted that between the 2 animals, we have the early shifts covered. (Although I call her Glory, my son had named her Morning and I supplemented with Glory.)  Between Midnight and Morning, we have the start of the day well represented, but I digress...

Also, I have been wanting to post some picture which between batteries, shared aircard, camera download time, and just plain procrastination, I haven't gotten to it, so here the shot are:


This is Mack, fully loaded and ready to head to Bellevue.


This is looking west from the campsite in Bellevue.  The right shot is looking across our site to Turtle Mountain. (That would be the one that fell on the town of Frank at the turn of the last century.)

It really is a great site when looking for a good boondock location.  Not all sites have water, but there are many taps scattered around the area, and there are about 20 sites to park.  They are level, and well groomed, there is a handy free sewer dump at the entrance in walking distance for any one with a blue boy, and the only real draw back is that it is right beside the highway.  As the Crowsnest Highway (#3) is not lacking in traffic, it is noticeable, but a good pair of ear plugs compensates effectively.  :-)  After all, the price is right.

You can't miss it as you approach it, it is marked by a crow in a tree tending a baby in a nest. (Gee, I wonder why they chose that imagery??)


As an added bonus, last Saturday, Hillcrest (the town across the highway) was hosting some sort of fireworks display.  My camera is starting to malfunction, but I did get one little shot from the back corner of the 5th wheel.

I think I will have to retire the old Sony Cybershot 5.0, but considering at last calculation, I estimate it to be about 7 or 8 years old, I can hardly fault it.  My Mother has gone through 3 Kodaks in that time.  It is leaving the shutter open too long more often, blurring shots that I know I was stationary for, and a fair lot of the time the shutter guard opens only half way.  It sure has done an amazing job up until now though!!  I think I will try to replace with another Sony, but I will have to do some shopping around before deciding.

Anyway, the night is settling into a cool greyness (rain free for now) and I am going to hanker in, so now, I bid you 


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