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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Need for Prayers and the Power Of Positive Input

I just got some very sad news from a friend who is as close as a sister to me.  She and her family became mine right around the time that I was proverbially growing my adult feathers and preparing to fly the nest for the first time.

Through her, I adopted a Mother in hers. (To clarify, I am also very close to my own Mother, but I am the type of person who collects Mother figures, and her Mom was and is the finest of quality person.)

So I got an email from my sister-friend telling me that Mom (hers) has been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.  The prognosis is poor, and apparently a large woman is now half who she was 3 months ago.

I don't reach much into my faith and belief system on this blog, but I am a believer in Christ, and the salvation offered through accepting his sacrifice.  Mom's beliefs are close enough that I am comfortable in her salvation, but right now, I am more focused on the worldly realm.  I don't want to loose her so soon, and I ask any readers of faith to please include her in their prayers.  I will simply identify her as Elsie, for that sake.

My heart is heavy right now.  I am too far away to be of any help, and even if I was closer, I would still be helpless.  

... but hey, other than that, the sun is shining, the weather is warm, and provision is not lacking.  I will pray, and know that above all else, God's will be done.  (Whatever that brings, I will deal with it at the time when dealing is needed)

Thank you for any contributions to the good will effort on her behalf.  She too appreciates it.

And I guess it is the point for me to bid you


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  1. This is the Sister/Friend talking now. First I want to thank Gypsy from the bottom of my heart for her kindess in posting this. We may be geographically far apart Gypsy, but I know you are always in my heart and only a call away when I need you. (If we can both stop crying long enough to actually speak that is...)

    To all the readers out there that see this, know that hat you have my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for taking the time to do so. And if you want to send a prayer, it would be most welcome and happily appreciated!