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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spirit's Return

The boy is back and it is safe to say that our Spirit is lifted :-)

I took the picture of the new look, then noticed that the only one I have of the old look is reversed. Thanks to digital technology, it was an easy tweak.

Look close in the wheel wells, and you will see the tire line on the profile of the chassis and note that there is definitely an improvement. The front was nearly at the top of the well previously, and in the rear, you could see the tire over the white part in the well.

The ride was much smoother now, and just for info sake, Midnight contentedly rode the centre seat in a calm, poised, well mannered fashion. (We really like this young fellow)

And the people sighed with contentment.

So I am off to brew a stew. (or something of relative similarity) so again, I bid you

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