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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hiccoughs and Horsing Around

First off, Ken has finished the fridge panel for the cottage, as you can see:

I am very proud of that man, you know. He is quite a fabricator!! :-)

Second thought of the day: We have hit another tweaking needed on Spirit. He has been bottoming out on the slightest of bumps on the highways, and especially with the new deeper tranny pan, it is very concerning.

We have taken it to a place a bit outside town which specializes in shock and suspension. They took one look, and determined that the suspension had been lowered (!!???!!) Considering the previous owner bought it to tow a fifth wheel, it is rather boggling all our minds - Ken's, mine, and the shocks specialist.

There should be at least another 3-5 inches clearance, so right now, there is nothing but rubber to give a bit of "koosh" over the bumps. I think the old buckboards were smoother.

Anyway, it should be all better by Thursday.

On a lighter side, I went with Ken's daughter to the stable. We had a really good time. She has a filly that is just over a year, and an older girl who has had disabling health issues that were undiagnosed by the previous owners, as well as some less appropriate training. She is well on her way to healthy and is learning trust and training in a much more appropriate manner. It is going to take time, but both should be ridable with patience and love.

There are other horses in the pastures, and it is a joy to watch them come on over when they notice people approaching from the high pastures. As you can see, they come a long way for a bit of attention :-)

As we were getting close to departure, they all started yawning. It was quite the giggle seeing it. Apparently, yawns are as contagious among horses as it is among people. Take a look at this :-)

So sorry, was I boring you!!??? LOL

Well, having put the horses to sleep with this post, I think I will bid you,


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