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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moving Right Along

We relocated to a semi-dry camp site.  It has no immensities except water at some sites including ours.  We have been here 2 nights, and it is going well.  

However, we are going to replace our batteries today as the lights fade in the evening when they have only been on 1/2 hour, and the carbon monoxide detector keeps indicating low voltage.  

We ran the genset for 2 hours yesterday, so there was no reason for the drop.  

More later, but for now, I bid you



  1. Running the genset for 2 hours would barely make a difference on the battery power level unless you were charging them with a dedicated charger rather than your converter. I'm not convinced you need new batteries, but if you do decide to replace them, make sure you're diligent with their maintenance because you shouldn't be going through a set a year.

  2. I would agree, overall, except that in the first place, we were running one light for a half an hour, and the charge went from full to low voltage. The fridge, hot water, and such things were on propane. The rate that it dropped was too quick for the lack of use.
    The last time it was water level, but this time, it just doesn't add up. Maintenance will be regularly done, as I am married to a former millwright :-)
    Thanks for the input.