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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Before and After Testimonial - The Burnt on Pot

They're at the post! And they're off!!!

... sorry, I couldn't resist. It seems I have had several small postable thoughts today.

This afternoon, Ken and I entered a joint effort on lunch, then both proceeded to get diverted, and a pot of cream of mushroom soup, in a vengeful effort to repay its abandonment, became somewhat of a volcanic overflowing disaster.

The before shot is actually (as is my normal process) a part way through, "Gee, I should do a before and after shot" consideration. Where you see black, cover the whole bottom, and about a quarter up the sides to complete the full before affect.

(... and the crowd simultaneously declared, "Ewwwwww!!!!!")

But wait!! All is not lost (I know, the before shot rather spoiled the finale, but pretend to be surprised, I would hate to loose an audience on account of a minor error... I digress...)

The Great Power of Creation, being all knowing of the beginning, and the end .... and middle - you know, the part where I am cooking, .... created a powerful cleaning agent just primed for this age of environmental friendliness, and as an extra zing, placed such an agent in ample abundance on this very location!!! (Astounding, isn't it??!!!)

So, do tell, you say. What is this miraculous agent that removes once thick creamy, but now hard charcoalized thick residue from the surface of this tragically abused stainless steel pot????

Would you believe sand?

I took a small handful of sand (unsifted from a few minute pebbles) and water, took a rag and with gentle circular scrubbing for a mere 5 minutes, the resulting clean can only be described as amazing!!

See for yourself...

What can I say, cheap, and efficient!

Well, to avoid repeating the process, I must focus on dinner, so I bid you


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