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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some Other Models By Ken

More in the guy zone, Ken thought I should show some of his finished models so that you can have a better idea of his varied works.

I have therefore pulled from the archive of shots, 3 different models that he has made:

Hayes Heavy Duty Logging Truck

1910 Buick McLauglin

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

With this last one, Ken didn't have any plans or schematics to work from, so he still framed the movie, took a couple still pictures from it, and then made the model based on the photographs.

It has a straight 6 engine that pulls out, and has pistons, crank shaft, clutch plates, pressure plates, fly wheel, etc. It also has the dash and gear shift levers, and emergency brake. In general, it is quite detailed.

Anyway, for now, and until a bit of progress is made on the 58 Mack, I will leave this topic as, " To be continued..."

But for now, I bid you


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  1. I've seen these in real life - they're amazing. The hoods open up and you can see the engine - all kinds of bits crafted then put together. I was surprised how many of the parts move on the entire vehicle. That's a shot I'd like to see - a pic with little arrows drawn on giving details... or even one with the hoods open. Feelin' artsy, Gypsy? ;-)

  2. Thank you both from Ken.

    Artsy, I may be, but I currently only have the McLauglin and Chitty to work with as any others are back in storage.

    I shall pick a day when the blog thoughts thin, and return to Ken's models for topic, and get some nice detailed shots to share.

    Also, we just picked up a grungy old hardwood pallet. I propose to take a picture of it so you can see how sanded and cut, these hidden treasures can be transformed by this marvelous man I call my husband. (There is a skill in picking from a pile of pallets to find the ones that contain quality wood versus just cull wood and softwood and such.)

    Stay tuned... :-)

  3. very impressive, he does very good work, the big question is how does a guy get any time to do that kind of work/hobby, he must not have very much of a honey do list eh.

  4. :-)
    I try to be gentle on the "honey do" list, but he is also a very efficient fellow in the world of required tasks.
    And to be sure, there are hundreds of hours in each piece, so needless to say, if you were to custom order a model, I think it would be safe to say that it would not be a 4 - 6 week delivery period, and it would not be a bargain basement price, ... but worth every penny to be sure. :)
    A retiring millwright does not easily cease in his efforts, I must say.