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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Glory's Training Revisited

In an earlier post ( ) or 2 ( ),I mentioned the toilet training of Glory. Due to various stressors in her world at the time, we regressed, and went back to the litter box. Life has now resettled, and I decided to reinstate the training.

(For some reason, the hyperlinking button is malfunctioning on blogger, and it inserts the link over the words instead of creating a link on the words so I have bracketed the links instead for this post. To the blogger monitors at Google, I would love a solution in the comments as I don't like the messiness of the method I had to employ, but I digress....)

It has gone well. I gave her 3 days with the litter box on the toilet (with no slip mats to keep it from sliding off and scaring her) and then 2 days of putting a small handful of her flushable pine pellet litter into the upper plateau of the toilet bowl. She willingly accepted peeing thusly, but I was concerned about possible protests on the other deposits, shall we say.

I therefore would close her into the bathroom when I expected she was due for a deposit, and let her out with treats when she accomplished the task.

Yesterday was a town day followed by and evening at my parents, so I had to trust her to conform, unsupervised. She met the challenge and delighted her Mom most acceptably.

I will now continue with the pellets for another week, then slowly remove them from the formula, but I can again happily state that the litterbox is not required in our indoor cat's list of possessions.

I shall have other matters covered in later posts, but I know there was a particular reader that found the topic of interest, and I wanted to give an update for the benefit of those interested in this pursuit. Goodness knows, space is always at a premium in RV living, and any reduction in space users is welcome advice, I find.

Having covered this brief topic, where this post is concerned, I will bid you


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  1. Off Facebook:
    Both hilarious and fantastic... way to go Glory!

    To which Glory Graciously nods, and then resumes window watching. :-)