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Saturday, November 28, 2009

To Build a Wooden Truck

For the guys, as requested by Coal, I bring you a few more shots of Ken's model truck.

However, I must tell you, he has taken it back a few steps as it has been bumped around a bit in our travels over the last year. I thought it might give me a chance to show you the detail of his works.

The left is with the truck upside down, the cab and front axle disassembled. The right is assorted bits including the headache rack, the hood, fenders and such, and of course, tools and sundry for the process.

This shot dominates on the cab. One of the exhaust pipes is just at the base of the vice (and of course, more tools).

Needless to say, the finalizing of the project is a bit of time away. Ken is a details minded fellow. It is a pleasure to watch the transformation!

Well, I think that covers the current progressions, so again I bid you,



  1. I build and repair trucks for a living, so this is real cool to me, did he make all the parts himself or is a kit that you assemble?

  2. From Facebook, Ted:

    "That's impressive. What model of truck is it ...
    Never mind, I know ... If it falls apart after a few miles on the road it has to be a Freightliner."

  3. Coal:
    Ken built the truck from scratch, except that he bought the wheels. He could make them too, but it was more efficient to buy them assembled from Lee Valley. He uses hardwood off of scrap pallets from hardware stores and such.
    Humour aside, it is a 1958 Mack B69 Thermodyne