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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sleepless in Senator's Wash

I found a lot of non-sleeping time last night, and we had an unusual amount of clouds that kept the night relatively warm, and added a bit of mystery to the starscape.

I glanced out the window by the bed and just had to get up to try to capture the view. It was around 5 am, and I still am dealing with the cybershot 5.0 sony camera, but I figured it was worth a try. In the digital world, if it doesn't work, just delete. What a useful button.

So I took a shot on the normal "let the camera do the thinking" settings and got one shot before the battery died.

I came in and switched the battery, and fiddled with the settings and found a night setting.

So I went out to give it a try. I figured that the shutter would likely be left open longer to accommodate the darkness, so I set the camera on a fence post and took 2 shots.

It worked quite well, but missed the orangey hue. On the other hand, the normal setting shot captured the orangeness, but missed the cloudy detail.

Between the series of shots, I think you can at least get the gist of the beauty I beheld last night.

For now I will bid you,


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