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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wind and Down Time

We live on Hurricane Ridge, so naturally it follows that when the wind blows, it takes itself rather seriously. We have had a couple windy days, but the temperature is quite acceptable.

Yesterday was a town trip day, and we got several items we were running low on, or needed for my contribution to the Thanksgiving Potluck. There are actually 2 of these that are going on in this area. One is for Senator's Wash, and it is down at the gravel pit.

However, there seems to be a more local event that is for the Ridgers, and I understand all will be attending, bringing the head count to somewhere between 45 and 50. We have casually met a good portion of our neighbours, and they are all great people.

I have been doing a bit of house pottering, but one of the nice things about this rig, as mentioned in an earlier post ( ), is that it is big enough that Ken can do some works in the kitchen without creating a bottleneck for movement.

With the wind kicked up as it is right now, the parts would be everywhere were he to try working outside.

As you can see, there is a lot of minute detailing in his works. At some point, he would love to find a market for selling his pieces, but needless to say, these models are a bit more than cut chunks of wood resembling reality. The steering works, there are moving parts, and other than hinges and in this case, part of the steering mechanism, it is all assembled by dowel.

If requested, I will take closer detailed shots of this truck. I marvel at his craftsmanship. (Sorry, I can't help myself - It does impress me so, but I digress...)

I think I have bent your ear, or rather focused your eye long enough, so I will bid you



  1. that little truck looks neat, of course i want better pics, it's a guy thing you know.

  2. Ah, indeed. Ken has gone backward a bit to tweak the earlier efforts as all the moving about we have done over the year has jostled it a bit. I will, however, take pictures. Perhaps now would be a good start point anyway. I will periodically update it as we go.