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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Settling in at the Wash

We have passed one night in our new site. It is a beautiful location and the quietness was broken during the night by the sounds of braying burros and baying coyotes.

Yesterday around sunset, I went down the road a small step (2 minutes by moped) and shot the phone toward the rig. I engaged the flash as I was shooting right into the sun, and by flashing the camera, you compensate for the flood of light from the sun.

When I downloaded from the camera mini card I discovered that it was an even cooler shot than I thought. If you look closely, you will see the sun to the right, the moon to the left within the sun's aura, and nestled between them is a rectangular lump representing our rig. - I had no idea that the moon was visible at the same time because the sun's brightness engulfed my view with the naked eye. I love photography!!

Around 5 this morning a very strong wind kicked up, but we are really liking it here.

I am going to step out and explore the area, so for now I will bid you,


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