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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update on Genset - by request.

My post entitled "On The Road" has brought a reminder that I was going to give an update on our new genset, the DP7500RDS.

We have had several opportunities to use it since our purchase of it, not least of which being when Ken's daughter's home town had a blow-up of their college's independent power station (upon whose grid they were attached).

In that situation, we drove the truck over and cranked it over (a simple turn of the inserted key and turn it starts) and then in her case, we simply plugged a regular extension cord in to cool their fridge back down, and restore a bit of order to the more vital low power items in the house.

It ran steadily for 4 - 6 hours, and still only used about 1/2 a tank. (If memory serves me correctly)

I wouldn't call it a whisper noise level, still, for a diesel it is acceptably quiet, being no worse in my estimation than your average gas model.

We have also used it to power the rig on 30 amp service when in Bellevue where our site of choice is without power on site. It was able to run as much as we normally can on 30 amp - microwave can't run with heaters, for example.

The third use we have had for it was to run Ken's welders when working on various projects and repairs. Again it has preformed as hoped and expected.

All with the great fuel economy that you can expect from a diesel, and with the lower maintenance level that is also common with diesel engines.

I would definitely give it a great score and would not reconsider our purchase, in retrospect.

Ken is running it using synthetic oil as he finds it improves performance and increases the fuel economy.

(Coal, I hope this answers your questions. Let me know if I can give other details.)

With that, I bid you,



  1. Thanks, I run a couple of the Honda 3000 watt inverter gennys, tied together to produce close to 50 amps, they work well. I read on your link for the genny, that it weighs 400 pounds, do you have it mounted in your workshop trailer, as that is one heavy unit.

  2. Ours is mounted in the back of our long box Dodge pick-up. We have a custom made diesel slip tank, the genny and then the hitch. The reason the slip tank was custom was because when we had a short box, none of the pre-made tanks fit behind the hitch, so ours was made 2 inches narrower. It holds about a tank and a three quarters for the truck.

    It is a tight fit with them stacked like that, but that way, when we go to the states, and have to leave the utility trailer behind, we still have the genny with us. We removed the wheels to lower the profile to ensure the rig had clearance. We also altered the hinges on the console compartment so that we can lift the door open by removing the pins as the hitch blocks the door from opening more than a couple inches.

  3. Yes, it would be great to meet you guys! Rae thinks we would like each other. We are only in Yuma for a few more days and then off to Mexico. I am sure our paths will cross sometime!

  4. Well, it seems we missed, but I look forward to the prospect that still lies in the northbound journeys.
    Safe travels, my friend. :-)