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Monday, November 23, 2009

Photos of Solar

(left) 3 130 Watt solar panels - 1 set doubled up and the other as a single (right) solar monitor and remote shut off (the white is just the standard furnace /ac controller that was always there)

(left) 1500 Watt inverter with breaker (just over the orange & black pack) (right) 6 X 6 Volt deep cycle batteries

We are still learning, but doing fairly well. One thing we learned today is that when the washer is running, nothing else can. (we forgot it was on and went to warm some soup. Minorly big oops. We are still in the process of getting the inverter to reset. The genny is now finishing the wash.) We never run the dryer as there is a public umbrella style clothes line, and we don't lack for quick dry au naturalle.

(BTW, the double panel looks smaller than it is because it is at a different angle than the single, but they are all 3 the same size)

I will be doing another post separately as I wanted this one dedicated.

So briefly, I bid you


editor note:
The problem was that we blew the 30 amp fuse that protects the 1500 watt inverter. It was a $30 lesson.... Always be aware of what are heavy drawers, and know what items can't be used together.
Because the washer runs for so long and we forget when it is on, Ken and I have decided that the washer will only be run on full shore power, or on the generator.
All is well, so I bid you further



  1. Good pics on the solar system. Good call on not using your washer off the inverter too. I had a 2500 Xantrex system, had it wired so that shore power coming in went directly to the inverter charger, if the shore power stopped, the inverter would automatically switch over to the inverter and continue powering the fiver.

    A few times, the power went out while we were hooked to shore power, it switches over so quick that we did not even notice.

    The thing is, I just did not like that many amps being drawn from the battery bank, sometimes upwards of 100 amps. Anytime we need ac power, we fire up the generator now, with the exception of the bedroom tv and dvd which runs off a 1000 watt inverter, but the draw is not that much.

    Nice battery bank too and on a slideout tray, sweet, what make of battery

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Input is always welcome for rookie boondockers :-)

    As for the make, they are Interstate.