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Monday, November 23, 2009

Around the Wash

I am attaching some shots of the last few days, but unfortunately, although we did go out on the kayaks - no, really - it's true!! - I can't prove it as we opted to omit cameras on the inaugural run due to the need to ensure stability and, shall we say, ensure the safety of the electronics.

The outing was successful, and we went from the launch a bit toward the south end, then back to the launch to adjust the fit, and back out to the north end. We were only out for about an hour, but as we need to work on our comfort settings, and Ken's back was a bit tight that day, we considered it to be enough for a first go round.

Yesterday my Mother and Aunty popped out for a visit, and after lunch, we decided to drive around the lake to see the other side. It was really beautiful on the far side, and we even saw some well chewed down green grass. I suspect the grooming of the greenery was courtesy of the local burros.

The trail was a bit jagged and rough, and a lot of sharp stones, and gravelled in washouts were needed to cross. I would recommend 4 wheel drive, but the car did splendidly in spite of itself.

I suspect the next time we venture to the other side, we will do it by kayak. It was about 4.8 miles from our site to the far side of the wash.

Also, the water was let out for irrigation, and our big island became a peninsula for a couple days. It has now been restored to its full grandness. I think one of our kayak outings we will explore the big island.

Back to Burros, we had our first daytime sighting of them about 4 or 5 days ago, and I did take pictures, but hadn't gotten them downloaded until now, so I am also attaching a short or 2 of them. :-)

The second shot is actually right outside our door - you can see the frame in the lower left.

I think that about covers it for now, and the laundry needs hanging, so I bid you,


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