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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Considerations on Solar Cost

Apparently, the solar issue is causing a bit of interest in the blog readers.

I had a further thought that I wanted to put in out of the comments as not everyone reads comments.

I know some full timers that have use the home improvement grant or tax rebate thing that Canada has to do fix-ups on their rigs. As it is your home, it does apparently qualify. I don't know a lot about the grant or tax rebate or whatever it is, but keep your receipts if you modify a full time home, be it stationary, or mobile.

I am not sure if ours qualifies since it was done down here as I think the program is supposed to stimulate local employment, but decreasing our "carbon footprint" should be worth something, so we will see if it is claimable.

Eventually, I will look into federal programs to see what qualifies. Bug me about it in a month or so if I don't mention it shortly.

Anyway, another beautiful day beckons, so I will bid you



  1. pics and more detail on your solar system would be great. I would add solar to my rig, but everytime we camp, we prefer the shade. winter time not really cost effective and I am in a wide open area.

    Winter rving in Ontario, solar would have a hard time keeping up with the power demand, unless i spent a huge amount of money, cheaper to burn a little extra fuel

  2. I will post some pictures in the next few days to show what the set-up looks like. I was told that the panels alone in Canada would have been more that the whole ensemble and install down here.

    As for Ontario sun, it is definitely not as reliable as the AZ desert, so I agree, it wouldn't be worth it for you, and quite unreasonable to keep you going in a northern winter. Again, good luck with that!! You are a hardier soul than I, my friend!