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Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Shots of the Senator's Wash

We had a quiet day due to the wind, but I decide to learn a bit more about my camera phone.

I am attaching 3 more shots. The panorama shot was a feature of the camera where it has you take a series of 5 shots which it guides when you are aligned for the next shot, then it compiles it into a single shot. It is actually a 180 (half circle) arc. Too cool!!

The shot with the sun beams is using an intellishot feature (or some term like that) that lets the camera think its way through the features and highlights of the shot and bring out its best prospective.

The last shot is just looking from one side of our set up across to the lake and mountains flanking the other side.

Anyway, we are about to settle down for a movie courtesy of the genset, so I will bid you



  1. Nice setup for sure, how long will you stay at this location??
    you have onboard batteries and inverters to supply power too??

    what about water, truck in yours???

  2. Ah, yes, good questions. I will tag on that next, but briefly, potable water we haul, holding tank water by fortune of our location is extremely long hose away, and blue boy takes it out.
    Batteries, the genny, and shortly solar panels with inverter for power.
    Stay tuned :-)